Archived web pages


After a while, websites tend to disapear from the internet. provides a copy of
past ECITE related websites for archive reasons.

So far available copies (snapshots) of web pages and their todays presence :

ECITE year and place web site archived website today (address to original webpage)
2001 in Berne, Switzerland
2005 in Villandi, Estonia
2006 in Haslach, Austria ---
2007 in St. Petersburg, Russia ---
2009 in Omskirk, GB ---
2010 in Finland ---
2011 in Ibiza ---
2012 in Berne ---
2013 in Poland ---
2014 in Germany/Ponderosa ---
2015 in France/ St Erme ---

If you have been envolved in organizing past ECITE events or have created a webpage with ECITE related content and would like to place a copy of this site on, please contact us at Thank you.