mission statement


This website aims to be an archive and source of information for the ECITE- European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange.

Throughout the years of existence of ECITE documents have come into being: announcements, description and application forms for the event, but also writings about and out of the content of the conferences. Descriptions of co-teaching sessions, study-labs, lists of subjects of interest of participants and now and again a European Contact Improvisation newsletter popped up. In the earlier years this was all paper material but during the last few years (notably after the conferences in Budapest-Hungary and Bern-Switzerland) websites were used in spreading information and more and more documents became available on the internet. This is often short lived since websites can disappear.

Twenty years of ECITE is a long time and those who started to attend the conferences during the last five years may not have a clear picture of the history of the earlier exchanges.
To make the history more available and to make research in the phenomenon possible we want to gather as many papers with relevant information on the site.

We are calling for documents and contributions for the ECITE website from all participants and organizers of ECITE events. If you have documents (readers, pictures, brochures etc.) which you would like to share on this website please use the upload functionality of this website or contact us by email.

December 2005, Sylvia Scheidl, Sybrig Dokter, Tinu Hettich